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Private bus hire in Preston

Frequently asked questions

Can I decorate the coach and minibuses?

Yes. Many people who hire our vehicles decorate them for numerous reasons. One of the most common is for weddings of course, but you can also decorate the vehicle in team colours or company colours. We will check the decorations for safety and compliance before setting off.

Can we consume alcohol on board?

Yes, but extra charges apply for groups consuming alcohol en route to an event, for example. Contact us beforehand if you require this, otherwise you may incur a surcharge for your guests' drinking!

Do you have toilet facilities?

We have no toilet facilities on our vehicles currently. With our private bus hire in Preston, we will stop at services along the journey for refreshments and toilet visits.

Do you accept luggage trailers?

Yes, for an extra charge. With our private bus hire in Preston, if your sports team or band has an especially large amount of luggage that cannot be stored with them or in the vehicle itself, we can supply a luggage trailer for an extra charge.

Do you accommodate elderly and wheelchair access passengers?

We accommodate foldable wheelchairs, and our drivers are happy to help people with limited mobility on and off our minibuses and coaches. Our private bus hire in Preston gives people with limited mobility the chance to travel in comfort and safety.

Are you able to accommodate time changes and passenger number changes?

We are happy to amend your itinerary and timings up to 24 hours before the set-off time, within reason. Sometimes numbers of guests may fluctuate considerably, and as an honest business, we are here to help you.